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Lax-a-Past Cat Laxative

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Lax-a-Past is a palatable paste which eliminates and prevents the formation of hairballs in cats.

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Product Details

Lax A Past is a palatable laxative paste that has been designed for cats that experience problems with hairballs. Lax A Past works by eliminating any hairballs that have formed and it helps to prevent new hairballs forming. The paste contains yeast, lecithin and vitamin E. Lax A Past also contains Cod Liver Oil which gives the paste its palatability.

Dose rate
Kittens over 6 months: Give between 3mm and 6mm once a week.
Adult cats: Give between 6mm and 13mm once a week.

As Lax A Past has an appealing taste to cats, most of them will lick off the paste straight from the nozzle of the tube or from your finger. However, if your cat will not do that, it can be squirted straight from the tube into the mouth.

What our vet says

What our vet says
"Hair balls are a problem for cats. Lax-a-Past works to stops them forming. You can use it on cats from 6 months old, and luckily, cats find it quite tasty so it's easy to administer. Our customers give it a big thumbs up. Choose to speed up delivery if you need it in a hurry."