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Hibiscrub Medical

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Hibiscrub Medical

Hibiscrub is an antiseptic and disinfecting scrub used as a surgical scrub and in some cases of skin disease.
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Hibiscrub is an antiseptic and disinfecting scrub containing chlorhexidine. Hibiscrub is a fast acting bacteriocidal skin cleanser that is used as a surgical scrub. As well as being used as a surgical scrub, Hibiscrub can also be used in some cases of skin disease under the direction of your vet.

Use as directed by the manufacturers instructions, Wash hands after use.

Please note that due to supply shortages we cannot fulfil bulk orders and may restrict orders to one or two bottles per customer.

What our vet says

"Hibiscrub Medical is an antiseptic used for sterlising and cleansing, and therefore promote healing. Read the instructions carefully before you use it and always dilute before use and rinse well. Don't use Hibiscrub Medical directly on wounds.'"