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FRONTLINE Plus® Flea & Tick Treatment for Large Dogs 20-40kg

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FRONTLINE Plus® Flea & Tick Treatment for Large Dogs 20-40kg


Frontline Plus Spot On for Dogs is a double action formula which not only kills adult fleas and ticks on your pet, it also stops flea eggs from hatching and larvae developing in your home. 

Buy a pack of Frontline Plus 6 pipettes and get a second pack 1/2 price until June 30th. Please add two packs to your basket and your discount will be added at checkout.

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FRONTLINE Plus® Flea & Tick Treatment for Large Dogs 20-40kg

FRONTLINE Plus® kills fleas, ticks & lice, plus stops flea eggs hatching in your home it is an advanced formula within the FRONTLINE® range of flea and tick treatments. It not only kills fleas, but also stops their eggs from hatching and infesting your home. Unlike other flea treatments, FRONTLINE Plus® kills ticks too, helping to reduce the risk of tick-borne disease transmission. Use every 4 weeks all year round for optimum flea and tick protection.

• Kills fleas on your pet within 24 hours

• Stops flea eggs hatching in your home

• Kills ticks within 48 hours, helping reduce the risk of tick-borne diseases

• Kills lice

FRONTLINE Plus® is a veterinary medicine with a robust safety profile. It can be applied to dogs from 8 weeks of age that weigh at least 2 kg. It can also be used in pregnant and lactating bitches.

Bathing/shampooing/water exposure does not affect the efficacy of the product as long as it doesn’t occur more than once a week.

If your dog is unwell, please see your vet for advice before you apply a flea treatment. FRONTLINE Plus® for dogs is not suitable for use on rabbits.

Available in 3 and 6 dose packs.

FRONTLINE Plus® contains fipronil and (S)-methoprene.

What our vet says

"For dogs between 20 and 40kg, Frontline Plus Spot On is a popular choice. It protects for four weeks and breaks the flea life cycle by killing adult fleas and reducing eggs and larvae. A really powerful treatment for your large dog."