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Pheromones are chemical signals widely used for animal communication, and different pheromones have different functions (including territorial, sexual, alarm). Adaptil can help to relieve stress and anxiety by re-creating natural calming pheromones produced by dogs. It is a synthetic compound known to have a calming effect on behaviour. It is based on postpartum intermammary sebaceous gland secretions produced by the bitch 3 - 5 days after giving birth, and the pheromone works by giving the puppies a sense of calm, well-being and reassurance.

Adaptil, containing DAP (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) is available in a number of different preparations; each has been tailored to suit slightly different behavioural problems / needs or to calm your dog in potentially stressful situations.

Adaptil Spray - 60ml

One advantage of Adaptil spray is that it can be used inside or outside the house. Specific situations where the Adaptil spray would be useful is if your pet feels anxious when travelling in the car, if you are introducing your pet to a new environment, visiting the vets or other new or novel situations. Adaptil spray should be used 15 minutes prior to the expected stress. On average you will require 8 to 10 pumps which should be effective for up to two hours but can be repeated if required. Adaptil can be sprayed directly onto bedding, inside cages, indoor kennels or in the car.


Adaptil spray can help to prevent or reduce fear related reactions such as:

• Destruction, inappropriate toileting
• Vocalisation (whimpering, whining)
• Salivation
• Vomiting
• Panting

Adaptil Diffuser

The Adaptil diffuser is similar to a plug in air-freshener; the main advantage to Adaptil Diffuser is that it is constantly emiting the pheromones so there is no need to continually reapply, as with the spray. It can be very comforting for puppies arriving at their new home or for adult dogs who are very nervous of visitors, loud noises, novel or unpredictable situations. It should be plugged in where the dog spends most of its time, perhaps near it's bed, and covers an area of up to 70 sq.m. A single diffuser should be sufficient to cover an average two-bedroom house. The diffuser lasts approximately 4 weeks, after which refills can be purchased to save money.

Adaptil Diffuser helps stop or prevent fear related reactions in puppies and adult dogs, which may be expressed in various forms, including:

• Destruction
• Vocalisation
• House soiling
• Excessive licking

 Adaptil Collar

The Adaptil collar is great as it goes everywhere your pet goes; simply fasten collar around your dog's neck and leave on at all times. The collar will be effective for up to 4 weeks once the collar has been removed from its foil wrapping. The collar is available in two sizes; puppy and small dog up to 37.5cm and large dog up to 62.5cm. It should not be used on dogs with skin lesions.

It can be used for events happening both inside and outside the home such as:

• Adjusting to a new environment (new home, strangers, kennels)
• Socialisation period (Studies done have also shown that if the collar is applied to puppies it can help reduce the likelihood of unwanted behaviours and anxiety later in life)
• Novel and unpredictable situations
• Fear related reactions expressed outside the home; traffic, other dogs, fireworks, thunderstorms, gunshots, etc. (please see our full article on Fireworks and Noise Related Phobias). It is particularly useful if your dog finds walking around other dogs or people stressful.

Adaptil Tablets

Adaptil tablets are fast-acting palatable tablets with a dose rate of 1 tablet per 10kg of body weight. They are appropriate for short-term use, beginning to work within an hour, peaking in action at 2 hours, and reducing after this. They are particularly suitable to relieve travel-related an

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