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Corvental-D Capsules 500mg

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Corvental-D Capsules are used in the treatment of bronchitis (inflammation of airways in the lungs) and congestive heart failure in dogs.

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Product Details

Corvental D 500mg capsules for dogs are used for the treatment of congestive heart failure as well as bronchitis. The large, hard gelatin capsules have Th500 written on them. Each Corvental D 500mg capsule contains 500mg of Theophylline with a sustained release mechanism. This means that the Theophylline dissolves over a longer period of time so it enters the bloodstream at a slow and steady pace. The advantage of giving a drug with a sustained release mechanism is that the medication does not have to be given as often as drugs that enter the bloodstream at a much faster and less steady rate.

Theophylline should be used with caution in patients with liver disease. Do not give to epileptic patients.

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