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Copro-nil is a food additive designed to help with the prevention of Coprophagy (dogs eating their own faeces).
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COPRO-NIL is a faecal taste-modifier and behavioural aid to help with the correction

of poo eating. Copro-nil is a powder for dogs and cats that you add to wet or dry food changing the taste of stool.

Copro-nils tasty powder is formulated for even distribution throughout the stool. The taste modifiers make your pet’s stools taste horrible, helping you break the coprophagia habit and eliminate the behaviour. Also contains B vitamins, as deficiencies can contribute to coprophagic behaviour

Available in 100g pots.

How to use COPRO-NIL:

1. Administer 5g of powder (1 level teaspoon) per 10kg of bodyweight daily, divided between meals

2. Sprinkle onto every feed, and avoid snacks between meals, to ensure COPRO-NIL is consistently present in every stool

3. Administer daily for 10-14 days, or up to 6 weeks if necessary 

If your pet is ingesting faeces from animals within the same household, administer COPRO-NIL to all your pets in each feed. Can be used on wet or dry food.