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Collo Cal D

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Collo Cal D

Collo Cal D is a nutritional feeding supplement containing calcium designed for use in puppies, kittens, dogs and cats to promote strong healthy bones.
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Collo Cal D

Collo-Cal D is a liquid form of calcium with the added benefit of vitamin D to aid the absorption of calcium and promote healthy bone and growth structure in young animals. This product is especially ideal for use on whelping bitches/nursing queens in order to maintain and regulate their metabolic rate.

SCALE PER ML:(Vitamin D3 70iu and Calcium 0.13mg in a collodial solution)

Puppies/Dogs- 1ml per 2kg bodyweight per day
Whelping Bitches- 1ml per 1kg bodyweight per day
Kittens/Cats- 0.5ml per 2kg bodyweight per day
Nursing Queens- 0.5ml per 1kg bodyweight per day

What our vet says

"Collo Cal D is liquid form of calcium and vitamin D which is great for promoting healthy bones in young cats and dogs, for whelping bitches to regulate their metabolic rate and working dogs - where condition and performance is vital. Our customers say it's quite palatable mixed with food or water."