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Coatex Essential Fatty Acid Supplement

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Coatex Essential Fatty Acid Supplement

Coatex Essential Fatty Acid Supplement is used to treat EFA deficienties which cause problems such as dry, scaly or itchy skin.
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Coatex is a liquid feed supplement designed to help treat skin problems your dog or cat may be suffering from by providing them with important Essential Fatty Acids.
Many essential nutrients have to be supplemented by diet as the animal cannot produce them itself. When dogs or cats are EFA deficient this can cause problems such as dry, scaly or itchy skin.
Coatex liquid contains a blend of essential oils that have been identified as essential ingredients for maintaining coat and skin condition. It also contains a high level of Gamma Linolenic Acid (GLA) in the form of borage oil, which has been proven to be more biologically available than traditional oils. Coatex liquid can be given alongside other treatments/medications that your animal may be taking if they suffer from any allergic skin diseases.

Give one one pump per 10kg body weight daily for four to six weeks depending on results and other concurrent regimes.

What our vet says

"This is a feed supplement to help maintain healthy skin and coats in cats and dogs. Your pet cannot produce Essential Fatty Acids itself, so it needs a little help when dry skin problems occur. This treatment comes in capsules or in a pump-action can."