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Cazitel Cat Wormer

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Cazitel Cat worming tablets are used to treat and protect against roundworms and tapeworms.
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Product Details

Cazitel Tablets for Cats are worming tablets desinged to treat against most common types of intestinal worms. Cazitel contains Praziquantel as it's main ingredient, which is an effective treamtent against Roundworms, Tapeworms, Hookworms and Whipworms and should be given routinely every 3 months. 

Cazitel Tablets are presented as small tablets, that can be easily split to ensure accurate dosing. Tablets should be given directly, but can be hidden in food.

One Cazitel Cat Tablet will be a full dose for a cat weighing 4kg. Tablets can be halved for cats weigh 2kg or under. For cats over 4kg in bodyweight, more than one tablet can be given to ensure a full treatment.

What our vet says

What our vet says
"A good tip for giving your cat a worming tablet effectively, is to place your hand on top of the head and over the ears. Tilt the head back so their nose is in the air. Open the mouth with your other hand and pop the tablets towards the back of the tongue. Give their neck a little rub and maybe follow with a treat for cooperating!"