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Broadline For Small Cats (less Than 2.5kg)

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Broadline For Small Cats (less Than 2.5kg)

Broadline for Cats is a broad-sprectrum all-in-one spot on treatment and preventative for roundworms, tapeworms, fleas and ticks.
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Broadline is a broad-spectrum spot-on solution for cats with, or at risk from, mixed infestations of fleas, ticks, roundworms and tapeworms.  Broadline treats fleas and prevents new flea infestations. It also prevents the contamination of the home environment with immature flea stages. Broadline treats ticks and prevents new tick infestations and also treats roundworms, tapeworms and a type of skin mite. 

Broadline spot-on solution is suitable for cats weighing under 2.5kg and is available in a pack of 3 doses. Broadline is also available for larger cats weighing up to 7.5kg which can be purchased in a pack of 3 or 6 spot-on solution doses.

To apply pull back the plunger slightly and remove the cap. Part the fur in the middle of the neck between the base of the skull and the shoulder blades. Place the tip of the applicator on the skin (not the fur) and apply the entire contents directly onto the skin in one spot. Wear gloves and wash hands after use. After application there will be a small wet patch which may take 1 or 2 days to disappear.

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