Parasite Control - Indoor & Outdoor Cats

Indoor cats

‘My cat stays indoors, so I don’t need to cover them against fleas, worms and other parasites’ is something we hear all the time from customers. Unfortunately, this just isn’t the case! Indoor cats can still pick up fleas and worms.

Fleas can be brought into your home on clothing, shoes and other animals. Once you have fleas in your house it can often be a nightmare to get rid of them! On average a female flea will lay up to 50 eggs a day – these eggs can then lay in your furnishings, carpets or on your animal until hatched. This is especially daunting in winter when we are more likely to have the heating turned up high - perfect for fleas who flourish in hot and humid environments.

Fleas also act as an intermediate host for the tapeworm Dipylidium caninum which actually lives in the flea until ingested by another animal. So, once you have fleas in your house, you are also opening your cat up to the chance of getting worms.

Outside cats

Most cats love to explore the outdoors and once they leave your house they are free to get up to all kinds of mischief! Some cats simply love to wander & explore, while others will actively be hunting and scavenging. Although both are at risk, it’s the latter that poses the biggest risk of infestation.

While out and about your cat can come in contact with a range of wildlife including hedgehogs, rabbits, hares and birds. Sadly, wild animals are usually riddled with fleas, ticks and worms and if your cat should come in contact with them (and not be protected) then will almost certainly pick something up. There is also a risk that anything they have picked up they will bring back into your home.

Prevention & Treatment

Luckily infestation can easily be prevented by regularly covering your cat against fleas and worms with products such as Frontline Spot On, Advantage, Flevox, Effipro Spot On, Drontal and Cazitel. Better still - these products are all available without a prescription.

You can also cover your home with a household flea spray such as RIP Fleas or Indorex which lasts up to 12 months.

There are prescription products such as Advocate, Stronghold and Bravecto which will cover your cat for a broad spectrum of parasites, please speak to your veterinary surgeon for more information on these products.


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