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Benefortin Tablets 2.5mg

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Benefortin Tablets are for the treatment of canine congestive heart failure chronic renal insufficiency (kidney failure) in cats.

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Product Details

Benefortin 2.5mg tablets are used to treat different conditions in both cats and dogs.

In cats, Benefortin is used to treat chronic renal insufficiency.

In dogs, Benefortin is used to treat congestive heart failure.

The active ingredient in Benefortin is Benazepril Hydrochloride and a 2.5mg tablet contains 2.5mg of the ingredient.

Each Benefortin tablet is brown in colour and oval shaped with a score line down the middle to make dividing the tablet easier if you need to.

Benefortin 2.5mg tablets are normally given once a day and can be given either with or without food.

Special Instructions & Dose

Please see list below for recommended dose rates. Your veterinary surgeon will decide upon the best dosage for your pet so please only use the lists below as a rough guide.

Giving Benefortin to Cats
2.5kg - 5kg: Give one 2.5mg tablet
5kg - 10kg: Give two 2.5mg tablet

Giving Benefortin to Dogs
2.5kg - 5kg: Give half a 2.5mg tablet
5kg - 10kg: Give one 2.5mg tablet

For dogs larger than 10kg Benefortin 5mg or 20mg will be required.

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