Audevard Redplex Booster

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Audevard's range is exclusively dedicated to the health and performance of horses.
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Audevard Redplex Booster

On the day of a race or event, horses may need additional nutritional support for sufficient energy and strength.
Redplex Booster is a complementary feed formulated by AUDEVARD Laboratories. It is designed to provide additional nutrition for horses in training and competition, as well as those that are underperforming. REDPLEX BOOSTER provides nutrients such as vitamins and minerals (iron etc.) that are especially valuable for horses that are being worked hard.

It is available in a 60ml syringe.

Ingredients: Raw materials: Dextrose, propylene glycol; Additives: 3a- Vitamins, pro-vitamins and substances with similar effect : 3a700 vitamin E (dl-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) 77,560 mg, vitamin B1 520 mg, vitamin B2 260 mg, vitamin B6 140 mg, E672 vitamin A 435,000 IU, 3a316 folic acid 120 mg, vitamin B12 20 mg. 3b- Trace elements : E1 iron (sulphate) 5000 mg, E6 zinc (sulphate) 1750 mg, E4 copper (sulphate) 680 mg, E5 manganese (sulphate) 670 mg, 3b810 organic selenium (selenomethionine) 16 mg ; Analytical constituents : Humidity 40%, crude protein 0.5%, crude fats 1%, crude ash 2%, crude cellulose 1.5%, sodium 0%.


It is available in
  • 60ml

Key Benefits

  • Apple flavour
  • Contains a mix of minerals and vitamins
  • Provides additional energy and strength


  • Ingredients
    dextrose monohydrate, monopropylene glycol, soy lecithin. Additives (per liter) : - 3a- Vitamins, pro-vitamins and substances with similar effect : 3a672c vitamin A 425,000 IU, 3a820 vitamin B1 512 mg, vitamin B2 342 mg, 3a831 vitamin B6 133 mg, 3a316 folic acid 120 mg, vitamin B12 24 mg, 3a700 vitamin E 77,108 mg. - 3b- Trace elements : 3b103 iron (sulphate) 4,803 mg, 3b605 zinc (sulphate) 1,722 mg, 3b405 copper (sulphate) 665 mg, 3b503 manganese (sulphate) 137 mg, 3b8.10 organic selenium (selenomethionine) 15.74 mg. - Technological additives: E310 Propyl gallate 120 mg, E320 BHA 60 mg. Analytical constituents : humidity 44.4 %, crude protein 0.8 %, crude fat 10.10 %, crude ash 1.6 %, crude fiber 0.1 %, starch sugars 38.5 %, sodium 0.02 %.