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Aniwell FiltaClear

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Aniwell FiltaClear

FiltaClear is a protective antibacterial sunblock cream for dogs, cats and horses.
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FiltaClear is a completely clear antibacterial cream that doubles up as a sunblock to prevent the sun and wind irritating sensitive and/or damaged skin. 

FiltaClear cream contains titanium dioxide along with emollients to help soothe the skin. When applied to the skin, FiltaClear leaves a thin film that helps protect the skin from the sun rays and the wind.

FiltaClear also contains antibacterial qualities that will prevent unwanted contaminants and dirt coming in to contact with the protected skin areas and making it worse.

FiltaClear is suitable for a wide range of animals such as dogs, cats, horses, beef cattle and sheep. However, it is not to be applied to the teats of lactating animals and it should not be used on dairy cows. To prevent cats and dogs licking the film off, a "bittering" agent has also been added to the cream.

For maximum skin protection, a visible film should be applied and re-applied two or three times daily.