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Allerderm Spot On

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Allerderm Spot On

Allerderm Spot-On treatment is used to repair and restore the skin barrier in animals suffering from skin disease.
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Allerderm spot on is used to treat dogs and cats suffering from damaged or irritable skin.

Allerderm helps to repair and restore the skin barrier in animals suffering from skin disease, and can be used alongside other medications your animal may be taking to treat or manage their skin disease.

It can help to reduce discomfort and provide relief from skin irritation and itchiness. It can also be used on specific small patches of sore, itchy or wounded skin.

The formulation of Allerderm Spot On helps to moisturise and protect the skin, containing a unique blend of ceramides and fatty acids which are similar to those found in normal, healthy feline and canine skin.

It is quick and easy to apply, and a great alternative to a shampoo, particularly to target a localised area of skin irritation.

Special Instructions & Dose

Part the fur on the back of the neck and empty the whole pipette onto the skin. Apply to dry fur after bathing for the best results.

Allerderm should be applied once a week for 4 weeks and only one pipette should be applied at a time. The dose can be increased if required depending on the seriousness of the skin disease.

What our vet says

"Pets with skin problems need to repair the skin, reduce sensitivity, moisturise and protect. And that's what Allerderm spot on does. The individual little pipettes are small and easy to use. Bathe and completely dry your pet's coat, then part the fur and squeeze the contents onto the skin. Please read all of the product information and instructions before use."