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Adaptil Express Stress Relief

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Adaptil Express Stress Relief Tablets are a fast acting calming aid used to comfort and reassure dos in challenging situations, such as fireworks.
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Product Details

Adaptil Express calming tablets contain a combination of natural ingredients which provide fast and temporary calming, to keep your dog relaxed and relieve/prevent stress and anxiety.

The tablets are flavoured so easy to administer to your dog with or without food. Adaptil tablets are a unique blend of natural ingredients, including amino acids and vitamins used to support your dog during life's short-term stressful events.

Particular advantages of Adaptil Express tablets are that they work very quickly and will be useful if your dog is inside or outside the house. They are appropriate for short-term use, beginning to work within an hour, peaking in action at 2 hours, and having a duration of action of 4 hours. Administration may be repeated after 6 hours if necessary.

Specific situations where the tablets would be useful include if your dog feels anxious when travelling in the car, if you are introducing your pet to a new environment, visiting the vet or there are fireworks.

The tablets help to reduce other stress and fear-related behaviour such as destructive chewing, restlessness, house soiling and excessive whining / barking.

Adaptil is also available in the form of a pheromone-based Spray, Collar and Diffuser.

Dose: 1 tablet / 10kg of body weight.

These tablets are safe to be used in conjunction with any other Adaptil product.