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Adaptil Calm-On-The-Go Collar

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Using the dog's body heat the Adaptil collar diffuses the reassuring pheromone and is ideal for socialisation, training and boarding kennels.

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Product Details

Adaptil Calm-On-The-Go collars are used to keep your dog relaxed in stressful situations such as loud noises, training, boarding and fears.

The Adaptil collar is great as it goes everywhere your pet goes and can be used for events happening both inside and outside the home.

The collar is easily fastened around your dog's neck and left on at all times to provide the reassurance they may need. The collar will be effective for up to 4 weeks once the collar has been removed from its foil wrapping.

Adaptil is a synthetic copy of the natural calming pheromone that is produced by a lactating female after birth and is used to relieve stress and anxiety. The natural pheromone which gives puppies a sense of calm, well-being and reassurance has synthetically been copied and used in Adaptil to have a similar effect in adult and young dogs. 

The synthetic pheromone in Adaptil helps to reduce stress and fear-related behaviour such as destructive chewing, restlessness, house soiling and excessive whining / barking.

Wearing the collar provides constant reassurance to your dog while adjusting to a new environment (new home, strangers, kennels).

Studies done have also shown that if the collar is applied to puppies during the socialisation period it can help reduce the likelihood of unwanted behaviours and anxiety later in life.

Fear related reactions expressed outside the home such as traffic, other dogs, fireworks, thunderstorms and gunshots can be eased with the use of the Calm-On-The-Go collar.

It is particularly useful if your dog finds walking around other dogs or people stressful.


Adaptil is also available in the form of a Diffuser, Spray and Tablets.

The collar is available in two sizes; puppy and small dog up to 37.5cm and large dog up to 62.5cm. It should not be used on dogs with skin lesions.

What our vet says

What our vet says
"This collar contains a reassuring pheromone which calms and comforts dogs in stressful situations. There is a small dog option and one for larger dogs. Unlike plug in remedies, this can be used when your dog is outdoors."