About Us


Our Aim

We understand the attachment owners have to their pets - they are much loved members of the family. We want to supply all of your pet's healthcare requirements at fantastic prices so you can afford the very best for your pet, particularly if your pet needs long term medication to enjoy a full and happy life.

About Us

Pet Prescription is a UK-based online veterinary dispensary and part of a group of over 850 veterinary practices in the UK. We can legally supply prescription-only veterinary medicines and advise on their safe and effective use.

The staff at petprescription.co.uk have several decades combined experience of treating sick pets. We have plenty of hands-on experience of drug administration, drug palatability, drug side effects and drug efficacy making us the very best place to shop for your pet's medication and to seek pet healthcare advice. If you have a query regarding your pet's medication rest assured we will know the answer or endeavour to find out, so don't hesitate to contact us!

Our History

Petprescription.co.uk started as a good idea and began life in a spare office at the back of a vet's surgery in Ipswich. The idea was to be able to use this new fad for "internet shopping" to keep the cost of pet care down. It turned out to be a good idea and the business started to grow. We soon outgrew the back office and then the vet's surgery. All lovely problems to have. Eventually, in order to keep true to our aim of making veterinary medicines available at affordable prices, we to a purpose built facility right on the door step of our wholesaler.

All very exciting, but it is what it means to you and your pet that really matters. What it means is that we're better placed than ever to offer a wider choice of veterinary essentials at the lowest possible prices; all to keep your pet healthy and costs under control. And all delivered by First Class post and with our first class service.