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Vetmedin Flavour 5mg Tablets

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  • Manufacturer: Boehringer Ingelheim
  • Legal Category: POM-V
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Vetmedin 5mg tablets for dogs are used to treat dogs suffering from heart failure caused by mitral and/or tricuspid valve insufficiency or by an enlarged heart. The large, brown tablets contain 5mg of Pimobendan and are scored to help aid administration.
Each Vetmedin 5mg tablet is flavoured to help enhance the palatabilty of the medication and to aid administration as Vetmedin usually needs to be given on an empty stomach (see below). Vetmedin 5mg tablets help to stimulate the heart muscle and can help to reduce the progression of myocardial damage caused. Vetmedin is often used in conjunction with other medications, such as diuretics e.g Frusemide, Frusedale and Frusecare.

Special Instructions

Vetmedin 5mg dosage instructions:
Vetmedin should be administered orally approximately one hour before feeding. One half of the dose should be given in the morning and the other half approximately 12 hours later although your vet will advise you in more detail when prescribing the medication.

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